The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Glenn

This is a bunch of for-fun projects, both large and small, I have completed or are in the process of attempting. I have detailed a lot of materials-techniques along the way. Please feel free to adapt these to your own uses. No responsibility can be taken for use or mis-use of this information or any awesomeness that results.

Videos? I detest instructional videos! They are invariably too fast or tediously slow (and often both!). If I ever have something that can genuinely benefit from video instruction, rest assured I will make a video. Until then, ye olde art of reading is your friend! At least here you can skim over my rambling aside-annotations (which I generally white-box like this so you know it is optional information and/or opinion)!

Major Projects:

Generally a fundamental part of my lifestyle!



My home IT system. -- Ongoing long-term project --


Making my bed.

Building an adjustable bed. -- Active Project --

Minor Projects:

Fun and educational stuff.

8-sided Die


3D printing experiments with custom 8-sided dice.

Tiny paint pot

Paint Box

3D printing a paint-pot holder box, with embedded magnets.

BAT Keypad


Integrating a Trackpad and USB-2 HUB into my BAT chord keyboard.



Very simple Button/LED rewiring project.


Using a 556 dual-oscillator chip and a LED array to make a bright flickering light inside a lantern.

Simple Electronics project, particularly useful if you need to simulate a small flame inside a gallery or studio!


RGB paper lanterns that react to stuff.

Basic Arduino™ project.


The Small Violin.

Basic Arduino™ project.


The Bright Orange.

Basic Arduino™ project.



Use a piece of exercise equipment to drive an analog Joystick Channel (USB device).


Orac - sentient supercomputer from 70's TV.

Elaborate Arduino™ project with some discrete electronics too.

  1. Introduction
  2. Light Ball
  3. The Ring
  4. The Box
  5. Tarriel Cells
  6. Sound FX
  7. The Key
  8. Other Junk
  9. The Wrap-up
Audio Headset

Attaching bone-conduction ear-pieces to my glasses.

No electronics mods -- just cutting and cable-tying stuff.

Audio Interfacing

Connecting a PC microphone to non-PC audio inputs.

A little hardware hacking to supply the mic's power needs so it can be hooked into an effects box.


Full-Metal Knickers!

Metal lingeri from found object: my major work from the art-education strand of my Education degree.

Other Art:

3D print

Working in the TAEM Maker Studio.

Random stuff from the Maker Space I tech-support!


A short clay-animation film with my niece.

Stop-frame animation with Fimo™ modeling material!


Glenns 7.

The remains of my old Blakes 7 tribute pages.

*Also see ORAC project above.

Assorted vaguely-related stuff:

A prop

Props from sci-fi can be found around the home!

Identifying commercial media props. made from every-day objects.